Attention Dear Struggling Online Business or Intending Online Business Owner: After my years in this online business industry, this has proof to be the fastest money maker I've known.

"This stupidly simple and lazy Business made me (N1,500,000+) by just pressing my phone without leaving my room using 100% Free Traffic Method, No paid Ads, No Email List, no portfolio, no website...

“Discover the fastest, easiest and the cheapest way to lazily copy and paste the exact secret template that I have used to make money over and over again using 100% Free Traffic Methods Without Spending A Dime On paid Ads…

A simple business model that requires No startup CostsNo basic Skills Or Degrees required, No experience, no ads, And Can Be Run In Spare Time… “From Home” Or Anywhere In The World even though you’re already employed and don’t have time for online business at all!!!

You don’t even need a website or laptop as it can be done using your smartphone even when you’re lying down on your bed…

…Before I go on to talk about this business model and exactly how I did it, I want to quickly show you some results and money I’ve been making from this business model I’m talking about for the past one year plus…

But First, I want you to know this;

Within just a few months, I earned over N1.5 million doing this business model right from my home even when I was into other businesses.

This is one of the transactions below where I literally got paid by a Germany guy to do a simple task that took me less than 30 minutes to complete, hahaha.…

After agreeing on the payment method which I was not comfortable with PayPal, we accepted to do a bank transfer so I could get my payment directly in my Naira account and after sending an invoice-boom,,, the money entered my bank like a speed of light as seen on the screenshot below…

I could go on and on flooding this page with screenshots which is not even why we are here. But here’s a few of them again.

Can You Now See how Powerful this is?

I have done this business model over and over again and it work like crazy. I have shared this same information with people to test how effective it will be in another hand, and it worked for them too.

A lot of people could easily relate to the business model and how authentic it is. It has also helped a few to make more or additional earnings online…See the screenshots bellow.

Bellow is my sales snapshot for 2020: I do this business passively since I’m into other businesses… Imagine if you commit 2 hours per day doing it how much you could be earning when you become more intentional and consistent than me?

“This is all done using 100% Free traffic methods without Without Spending A Dime On Ads… With No Email List... No Website... with less than 4 hours invested weekly

I have used this method to make money on autopilot with;

From The Table Of:

Awogor Matthew

Dear struggling online business owner or intending entrepreneur….

Awogor Matthew here. I have started an online business since 2015 casually doing it part time while maintaining my 9-6 job that barely paid me 50k per month with a lot of restrictions like, I can’t operate my phone nor pick important calls while on duty.

I wanted the freedom of my time, doing what I want, how I want and when I wanted.

But guess what, things weren’t as easy as I thought. I didn’t started earning 6 figures or even 5 figure immediately like I thought.

I have been a self motivated type from day one…invested a lot in buying paid courses, implementing what I learned…

I have ventured into different online business you could probably be thinking of right now including blogging, mini importation, dropshipping, digital product launch, I’ve tried CPA marketing, Affiliate marketing, membership sites et all…

Trust me when I say it has always been difficult to get the desired results.

…I was working and going to school, trying to make some money online while studying, struggling to find the balance in my social and personal life…

….I struggled FOR YEARS trying to discover the secrets of making money online. I was stressed to the hilt felt more depressed than I would ever admit in public. Trust me again when I say “I started feeling like maybe this online business tingy was a big fat lie and I had been suckered. I wasn’t sure if I should keep going or shutdown the dream….Many we started together must have stopped.” Should I do the same?

"I will never give up"

Guess what, my consistency, dedication and commitment has positioned me in good position that have gained me so much experiences from all these business models I’ve been into.

All my trial and errors, failures and successes has gathered me unthinkable experiences to boldly decide which business actually works… And with all these business models I’ve learned and mastered, one of them that really works well without any startup capital is Drop Servicing…

When I discovered this business model, I felt bad why I haven’t discovered it earlier than this…Because I felt I’ve cheated myself from the information which I should have used to earned a lot of money online earlier.

Good news is that you won’t be cheated like I’ve been cheated, myself.

Here's what i did

I have enjoyed customers referrals by my past customers and I can also comfortably sit in my room, spend a few hours using the sales template to repeatedly close sales and make more passive income.

It's Now Your Turn To do the same thing and get the same results for yourself using a premade system that is working!

There's actually a good news for you!!!

The good news here is you don’t have to go through all the stress, all the trial and errors jumping from one business model to another trying to find balance in life just like I did.

I have used my years of experience, failures, success, trial and errors to do all the hardwork for you…

All my years of experience can become your years of experience and you can sit on top of it and copy the exact system that works and apply to yourself…hassle-free.

How will it feel to learn from me by getting everything that made me these success in such a short period of time?

So I've gone ahead and compiled everything into a very practical Video Course that will walk you step by step at the comfort of your anytime, ask questions anytime.

…and believe me when I say this stuff is real simple, unlike every other course you must have ever gotten online…it’s straight to the point… and requires no technical skill,,,

Just use the free traffic methods I’m personally using to find people who need a service you choose to offer and make more money…

,…Am about to hand over the exact procedure am using to you so that you can get started, along with all the materials you need to get started…

And Yes, FREE Traffic, you're not going to spend any money on ads...You don't need to be a tech guru, no skill, required, no certificate need.

If you can follow instructions and do what I ask you to do then, you won’t have problems…

Drop Servicing black code 2.0

A Guaranteed online business model that has made me money On-demand over and over again using 100% free traffic methods that requires;

No Technical Or Digital Skill, No Certificate Or Degree, No Spending Money On Ads, No Email List, No Copywriting Or Writing of Sales Pages, Etc.

Here's what you will learn inside the Drop Servicing black code and implementation program...

…read carefully

What is drop servicing black code all about?

I know right now, you must be asking yourself what this business model I’m talking really mean? I got you because I’ve been there and so I’m going to tell you.

What is Drop Servicing?

Well, just like drop-shipping you might be familiar with, drop servicing has to do with offering, consulting and delivering services to customers/businesses who needs them without you doing the actual work, no skill, no experience, no startup capital. It’s a business model that can be operated even from anywhere without an office space or time restriction. More profitable than dropshipping

How much does all these cost?

Wait, before I tell you what I want to give this to you, considering how resourceful, powerful and result-oriented this training is worth, and all the benefits you stand to gain such as high potential income it will generate you in a very short period of time when you put in efforts and implement the strategies you’re going to learn in this training…

…the time it will save you to continue wasting, jumping from one business idea to the other, doing trial and errors and all the hard work yourself without guaranteeing results…Save yourself the stress of researching and finding what truly works and continue on a premade system.

You just need to copy and paste a system that is already working based on someone else’s experiences instead of going through the difficulties. This is exactly what I’m doing for you.

You can spend time on YouTube watching free commentaries on different income ideas, but they won’t teach you the implementation. The best is to learn under someone’s guidance and mentorship.

So with that being said,

how much will you be willing to pay?

N150,000? Oh, I would have said the same thing…

Not only that you will be able to start making money through this business model alone… you’ll be exposed to proven FREE traffic methods that you can use to sell almost anything you want without spending a dime on adverts

So, do you think it will be fair to charge you N100,000 for the training? Of course I know that should be okay!!!. 

But let me surprise you further with a discount and handover everything to you for N50,000…

Well, truth is, I could easily charge you N25,000 comfortably knowing that the course worth more than N50,000…;of course, plus all the entire bonuses listed here and exclusive bonuses.

But I want you to lay aside all your excuses and be a part of this program by getting started immediately… So I made the price to be ridiculously cheap and affordable… so you can pay just N15,000…

However, there’s a limited time offer right now so you can get it at a discount, valid for a very short time. 

With just this tinny budget of N8500, you’ll be able to get your hands on all the training videos of Officeless Agency Drop Servicing Black Code and learn all the strategies to start making money even from day 1…by using my 100% free traffic methods that truly works without spending a dime on ads…


And That’s Not All; I’ve Got Special Bonus Packages For You For A Very Limited Time When You Join The Program… 

when you activate your premium membership for N8500, here's what you get immediately as bonuses:

My secret email marketing solution (software plus training)

Only few would want to miss this. Say no to Aweber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc. Host all your own emails alone an never pay for email autoresponders again. You know how important email marketing is to online. Imagine hosting your own emails like a pro on your own terms.


My Secret 13+ Free Traffic Methods To Get your first paying clients without spending a dime on ads.

Good thing about this business model is that there are a lots of free traffic methods out there that you can use to make sales and I’m giving you my 13+ Secret Free Traffic Methods that you can use to sell any product or services online without spending a dime on ads.

Access to a secret premium site I subscribed to that gives you all my premium resources & tools worth $5000.

You’ll be able to download any premium WordPress theme or plugin for free. This will help you in any web design project. Plugins like Elementor Pro, Yoast Premium, SEOPress Pro, All Woocommerce Premium Extensions, Cartflows Pro, Thrivethemes and so much more all for free. And You can also sell these themes and plugins to your friends when they need them and make more money to yourself. I do that too.

Canva Pro Account Free

If you truly understand the use, power and value of Canva, you would want to get this right now. I use Canva Pro to create videos for my business and YouTube channel. Create graphics for Instagram and other purposes.

Canva Pro logo

Instant Access to my premium Courses and eBooks to support your Online Business in order to make more profits.

Your one time purchase today gives you instant access to the following of my premium eBooks and courses including the following: (1) How To Create A PayPal Account, (2) Copywriting Blueprint to learn how to write a good copies using AIDA’s Formula, (3) Goal Settings To Live a Life Of Freedom…

Instant access to this powerful software i bought with a master resells rights - That will help you Create ebook Covers in 3 Minutes Flat.

Who Else Wants To Create Amazing ECover Images Directly From Their PC In Under 3 Minutes With Just A Few Mouse Clicks To Skyrocket Their Product Sales By At Least 72%?! This really cool software will quickly and easily transform your images into 3d eCovers that will make your website look like a million bucks!


Premium Access To Support, Chat, Phone, Emails

Your Purchase also gives you access to contact me at anytime, any day for support. Ask questions and get support about anything concerning how you can profit in online businesses.

There are so many other bonuses I could have given you, but I don’t want you to buy this course because of bonuses…I want you to buy because you are aggressive to make tangible living online and so when you buy, they’ll come as surprises.

My extra-special risk-FREE money back guaranteed

I’m 100% confident about this business model to be working for you as it has worked for me that I even offer you a full 60 days money back guarantee plus a call to apologize for wasting your time should you try it and don’t get results… You have nothing to lose.

You have all my bonuses, keep them, but learn all the instructions and strategies from this training, implement every step you learned for 60 days and if you don’t get any results, just contact me and I’ll return every penny you spend.

Note: Your membership access to our website will immediately be revoked. Membership access to downloading premium themes and plugins will also be revoked…

You’ll have to show me your efforts for the past 60 days that has refused to yield results as proofs to qualify for a refund…

So there you go… with a guarantee like the one above, I have taken the ENTIRE risk off you and eliminated every excuse you may have not to get the Drop Servicing Black Code and implementation program. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

All you need to do now is to place your order and get instant access to everything listed on this page instantly by following this instruction…

How to Pay and get instant access to the training?

option 1: Online Banking Via ATM & Paystack...

option 2: Bank Transfer via Paystack...

option 3: USSD Code via Paystack...

Use your Nigerian ATM card or bank transfer to pay and instantly get the Course plus all bonuses

so what are you waiting for?

Everything has been said and done, it’s you now!!!

You can decide to keep searching the internet or grab this lifetime opportunity and be unpredictable to economy of Nigeria…

…Also, be informed that the price is changing very soon and there’s no guarantee it will be sold for N15,000… It might be higher than that…

Thank You

To Your Success;

Your Online Business Coach;

P.S. You have all these information you need to learn in order to start your own online business using my secret free traffic methods to make your first $2000 online without spending a dime on ads…You should take actions immediately and join the membership…You don’t need a skill, no certificate, no college degree, no experience or huge startup capital.

P.S.S. You’ve got nothing to lose… take advantage of my risk free money back guarantee and learn this strategies…

Note: The price you see on this page will change very soon… so its better you take instant access right now…

You can start your Drop Servicing business with $0 and up. In the course I break down ways of spending $0 to get your first sales.

I’ve designed this program to give you all the strategies and methods you need to get your first sales within the first 1 week with an action plan. How fast you get results really depends on your goals. It really depends, because some people are studying or have a job on the side and just want to build a side business. Others want to live a life of freedom and only work a few hours on their business. While others are really ambitious and hustle to build their Dropservicing business to massive heights. So, results are typical…

Well, there are so many niches you can pick to build a successful Drop Servicing business. In the program I gave a list of the best niches to get into right now. We also give you a precise niche selection process to choose the best niche based on market opportunity and competition.

You don’t need to have a niche before you join the program. Most people that join the program do so without having their niche picked beforehand. They join first and once in the program they pick their niche using our niche selection strategies. In the first modules of the program we teach you exactly how to choose your niche.

You don’t need to quit your job to start the business. Anybody can join and work on the business as a side business in the beginning. You can work on it during your free time on evenings for example.

If you are still a student at college or have a job, you can start with Dropservicing as a side hustle. You can work as much or as little as you want. Some students are really driven and work 8 hours per day, others work 2 hours per week.

You are completely free to do what you want and build your business at your own pace. Now, I would advise you to keep your job for now and for those at college, to stay at school. Then, once you start making sales consistently and you are making more with this business than with your job, you can transition into doing Dropservicing full time. That way, it will be a smooth and stress-free transition!

That’s a common misconception with Dropservicing. People think you need to have employees that are paid a fixed amount every month. But this is not the case. When you start, you work with contractors.

The beauty of Dropservicing is that there are many free and effective ways to reach your customers and get your customers within even the first week which I included in the training. You can close sales without even spending a penny. 


Indeed, it’s always good to have a small budget to speed things up but it is not necessary in the beginning.

Unlike other business models, you don’t need to invest a lot in advertising at the beginning. You can start with free methods and already make high ticket sales with these methods. Then, once you start making sales, the cash flow will be good and you can start reinvesting it into advertising to further scale your business.

In this program, I teach you all the free organic and paid methods to get high ticket sales so you can get started quickly for free and then scale your business with paid advertising once you get revenue coming in.

Everything about online business is best done in a computer, actually. However, this business can be operated with your mobile phone without computer since you’re not the one doing the actual work as required by your clients. So, YES, it’s not required to have a laptop.

The answer is a total NO!!!

I can’t invest in you when you don’t have the confidence to invest in yourself. I have made the price of this course to be as cheap as possible and it won’t be my fault if you still cannot afford it…

If your question is not answered here, send an email to

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Refund Policy: 30 days money back guarantee plus a call for apology for wasting your time if the training did not yield results for you.

If after 60 Days of buying the package and following all the instructions I have shown in the training, You Don’t Get Result as described herein, Just let me know, Simply show me a proof that all the instructions are followed through and I will refund your money 100% and ask you to keep the course to yourself.

I will also call to apologize for wasting your precious time. So you see, you have nothing to lose. All you need is to show me a proof that the instructions in the training were actually followed and implemented without results.


Income Disclaimer: Any income claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this page depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.


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