““How Anyone can Sell like crazy using giant social media platforms Instagram & Facebook!””

The no nonsense "newbie friendly facebook advertising masterclass that truly delivers practical results To sell any product or services on the internet...

Everyone is selling a product online these days. But only the smart ones are actually making sales. 

To sell online, you need traffic and to get traffic, you need a platform as leverage.

Facebook becomes our leverage and we want to use it to generate sales for averagely any kind of product or services you’re selling online.

It might be a physical product, dropshipping, drop servicing, or mini importation or perhaps, you sell digital products like ebooks, webinars, video courses, affiliate marketing or sell appointments…

Facebook ads will still help you to sell faster.

Even though you are a real estate consultant and want to learn how to sell out your properties faster than usual, you need to enroll in this course and unlock the true secret to selling using the internet of today.

""Facebook ads is the key to unlocking 24/7 sales/conversions for any business you do"".

Want more sales for your business, products, or services?…

Then you need to get this Facebook Ads Blueprint. It’s a step-by-step course that shows you how to get more leads or sales and increase your ROI by up to 500%, even if:

From the desk of Awogor Matthew


❓ Who else wants to milk customers even while sleeping just by pushing ads and targeting the right people who are hungry to buy your product or service?

🍀 For example: I imported a product from China that costs N504 and I shipped it to Nigeria.

✅ I setup ads in 20 minutes with the right creatives and copywriting...

✅ Invested just N1500 ad budget and I was able to get orders from the ads that helped me sold the products in 1 week.

...these products was sold for N4900/pieces. That is about 500% ROI.

✅ That's how powerful Facebook ads can be. You'll sell things on autopilot to an hungry buyer when you are able to learn and master the act of selling using the platforms (Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp).

✅ This is hot right now and I've been doing Facebook ads myself for the last 6 years.

I've created ads for myself, created for businesses, taught over 100 students and now is your turn to learn it too.

I charge about $25+ to setup 1 ad campaign on Facebook if I'm to help clients do it. But you don't have to pay that much to even learn.

Over 5M Earned using only Facebook and Instagram ads since I started using it to promote Affiliate offers, ecom marketing, info marketing, etc.,

Make it easy and successful to market your business on Facebook & Instagram

I’m the advertising expert showing you the step-by-step blueprint to generate leads and sales with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here's how it works...

You can go on to YouTube or even Google right now and start searching for "how to get started with facebook ads" so you can learn one or two things but trust me,

you would get better results when you allow someone who's actually getting results already to mentor you.

""You don't need to waste a lot of time"".

It's why I launched the Facebook Advertising Blueprint Guide – From Newbie To Expert Advertiser.

This guide is all you need to master and start making money with affiliate marketing.

Go through this page carefully to see all of the models and get a glimpse of what you will learn in the training.

here's part of what you will learn...

Valued: ₦25,000

And That’s Not All; I’ve Got Some Sweet Special Bonus Packages For You For A Very Limited Time When You Join The Smart Advertising Masterclass…

Your Special


But of course...there are lots of secret bonuses in store for you to get instant access to but here are part of them...💃💃💃

To become an affiliates on Skilldio and start selling our products, it cost N5000.

However, when you take this course, you are automatically an affiliates without paying a dime.

And you can start earning up to 50% commissions on all of our courses.

Valued: ₦5,000

WhatsApp Marketing is the most powerful place to convert any cold or warm traffic to sales.

And you are going to get as bonus, key strategies that has helped me made thousands of Naira selling with WhatsApp.

Valued: ₦18,500

Valued: ₦50,000

TOTAL VALUE: ₦73,500

how much does it cost?

Looking At The Total Value Of What You’d Be Getting, You Might Have Thought The Price Would Be Around…


But Pricing It At That Amount Would Be out of reach for many and I don't like that, so...,

I Won't Charge Based On Total Value Alone.

So Let’s Subtract N30,500…This Crashes The Price Down To N40,000

To Me N40,000 Is Fine really

Considering The Value You’d Be Getting In this program,

And How Much time it Would Save You whiling around the internet and YouTube searching for time wasting tutorials.

This program would teach you everything straight to the point plus offer you support to ask me questions anytime and get mentorship...

And you would be able to sell any kind of product or service using Facebook or Instagram ads….

So ₦40,000 is okay But You Won’t Pay That if you act fast today...

Because That Would Put This Program Out Of The Reach Of Many…

And I Want You To Lay Aside All Your Excuses And Be A Part Of This Program By Getting Started Immediately…

So I Made The Price To Be Ridiculously Cheap And Affordable…Today when you act fast...

So I Will Further Crash The Price And Ask You To Pay Just 50% Of ₦40,000...

Which Brings The Price Down To… 20,000 Only

However, There’s yet Another Limited Time Offer Right Now So You Can Get It At 85% OFF Discount, Valid For A Very Short Time.

Yes, You Read That Right!

For Just 2,999 You Can Get This Course And All The Bonuses and Benefits Inside…

But Hurry, This Offer Would Not Be
Available For Much Longer.

How Do I Pay?

Use your Nigerian ATM card or bank transfer to pay using Paystack and instantly get access to everything plus all bonuses

Original Price: ₦15,000

Discount Price: ₦2,999.99

P.S:: You will gain lifetime knowledge of the subject matter and this knowledge would be yours forever.

Go through the "This Page Carefully" to see all what you'll be benefiting on this program forever.

Make it easy and successful to market your business on Facebook & Instagram

I’m the advertising expert showing you the step-by-step blueprint to generate leads and sales with Facebook ads. 

Take my FB Ad course now available with over 80% discount! For a limited time – grab the N14999,99 course for only N2999.99 Now!

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Refund Policy: Your instructor is giving you full 30 days money back guarantee plus a call to apologize for wasting your time if the training did not yield results for you after putting it into practice or if the knowledge promised wasn’t passed 

If after 30 Days of buying the program and following all the instructions shown in the training, You Don’t Get Results as described herein, Just contact your instructor, show them a proof that all the instructions are followed through for at least 30 days and you couldn’t earn a dime and Skill Dio will refund your money 100% and ask you to keep the course to yourself.

Although we vet every course before listing them here. However, if you ever feel like the instruction isn’t correct or was under delivered, contact Skill Dio support team for complaints and refunds.


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