The Complete Mini Importation Business Course v2.0

Learn how to Import Hot Selling Products From China as low as $2 and sell as high as N10,000 in Nigeria.

Stop wasting data watching untargeted YouTube videos, stop buying generic courses that promises what is not tested nor proven. They only teach you what they read on other blogs. I have done the hard work so you don't have to do the Trial and error to earn 6 figure importing from China to Nigeria.

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One Time Investment


Start Importation business in 3-Simple Steps

Find Hot Niche Products

Using our proven methods to find products

Negotiate, Pay & Ship in 7 days

Buy & Ship your products to Nigeria within 7days

Sell to a Hungry Customers

Use our proven methods to sell on autopilots

Buy and Ship Quality Products that guarantee to sell like these

Plus how to easily sell those products in a blink of an eye and earn over 200% ROI completely on autopilot. 6 figure per month is sure.

don't be deceived by all the YouTube videos you've watched or generic blog posts you've read because you too can start selling high in-demand products in Nigeria for a higher profit margin spending $2-$15 per product that sells for N7500+ in Nigeria and be earning over 200%-500% ROI. See the example products below.




Imagine buying the led repellant mosquito killer for $2 (N900) and Selling them for N7500 or more in Nigeria as seen on the above screenshots. That is cool cash, right? I have been importing goods from china since 2016. All my gadgets including my personal phone, laptops etc. are imported. You too can start a realtime business right from the comfort of your home or save cost importing your personal household products.

Why should you Learn Mini Importation Business?

The Number one ecommerce domination master course that guarantee to earn anybody up to 6 figure in a month on autopilot completely done for you.

after completing this training, you should be able to launch and start your own Mini Importation business from home and import hot selling products as low as $2 and sell as high as N7500.

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees
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This is What is Inside the master course

Valued: ₦25,000

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No more fear of buying with your credit cards: pay your Importation suppliers using PayPal  with this solution guide, you can Use your PayPal account to receive payments, send money and withdraw money to your bank accounts in Nigeria etc after going through this training...

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Write High Converting Copies for Business: Learn how to write business copywriting that makes your readers want to buy from you including writing your Facebook ad copies.

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WhatsApp Marketing is the most powerful place to convert any cold or warm traffic to sales.

And you are going to get as bonus, key strategies that has helped me made thousands of Naira selling with WhatsApp. This training is very powerful that it works for any business model.

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TOTAL VALUE: ₦201,000

This is your opportunity to quit your 9-5 and own your own business or additional stream of income that is run on autopilot completely done for you.

after completing this training, you should be able to launch and start your own Mini Importation business from home and import hot selling products as low as $2 and sell as high as N7500.

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees
Special Early Bird DISCOUNT


Who is this for?

Mini Importation Business Works for Everyone who wants to start a new business or setup additional income stream that runs completely on autopilot but most importantly;

Youth Corps


Business Owners



Everyone Else

The only ecom Mini Importation Training you've been waiting for, completely done for you with

100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees
Special Early Bird DISCOUNT

From The Table Of Awogor Matthew

Hello, my name is Awogor Matthew. I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that help us earn a living online and in this course, I’ll be showing you how to launch a profitable mini importation business that will set you on the right paths to financial freedom.

With the knowledge I will be sharing with you and your ability to take actions, you too can import products at low manufacturer’s prices from China and sites like 1688, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Taobao or other of my secret methods/direct suppliers and sell them for a much higher profit margin sitting in your house or office.

A few years ago, after successfully running a mini importation business and seeing the gains and flexibility adding to my current engagements as of then, I decided to not keep the knowledge to myself alone but also to share it with others.

""What is knowledge if it’s not shared with people who might need it anyway, right?""

So I introduced my first mini importation course and trust me, I won’t say it was the best but at least it was better than 90% of some high-tickets importation courses they are selling out there for about N25000 and above, from the ratings I got from my students.

My students have access to direct procurement agents, purchase dollars at the lowest rates ever using my secret methods, shipping agents in China who delivers to doorsteps in Nigeria, etc.

Myself, I already bought two courses which didn’t’ teach the best approach to mini importation. 

The first course I bought actually cost around N25,000 which was just how to buy on Aliexpress and ship to Nigeria and start selling to a random customer. I was frustrated by the information I got.

And I tell you what, there was nothing like money back in the course, trust me, I could have requested for a refund because it was total crap and waste of time, energy, money and overhyped compared to how it was advertised.

I invested in another course author who seems to promise heaven and earth on his sales page which ended up the same but this time with price deference.

I did try my best though and imported a product (Night Driving Glass) which cost around $6/pieces whereas, it was possible to get the same product on the best source for $1 or less. 

It took 46 days to get to me with the high shipping fee and then I already lost interest concerning Mini importation and wanted to give up already about the product I had already purchased.

I’ve literally contacted Aliexpress multiple times to get a refund and they said it’s 90 days or full refund no question asked. Luckily for me, 46 days later, the product arrived at my address in Nigeria and I picked it up and it was just 10 pieces which I ended up spending 15k on adverts before selling them off and my interest then was just 10k. Good right? Of course, I was happy with the progress but I could have made N75k or even N110k interest if only I knew what I know now, which I’m going to teach you here.

So, I didn’t invest the remaining money, I decided I won’t use that method anymore and I began to dig and search for a better way so I could work smart like other guys who claimed to be doing well with mini importation.

So, I decided to go the extra mile and I can’t remember how or perhaps I don’t want to tell you how on this memo but truth is, I found a lady in China who became my first eye-opener for mini importation. 

Since I’m already giving you every information in this course, you do get to meet em all anyways. So nothing to worry about.

Long story cut short, I completed my first order through her and got my products delivered to me within 13 days. Wow

I was buying goods with N280/$ as against the normal dollar exchange of N365/$ as of then. As of the day, I’m editing this part, dollar is N570/$ but I still import products from China paying N400/$.


Q. Is Mini Importation Business really Profitable in Nigeria?

A. Despite the crises of COVID19, people were still buying 24/7 online. So, yes, Mini Importation is that business you need to change your financial status.

Q. I don't have a Laptop, Can I use my Phone?

A. Truth is, you need a computer to be able to use a site like 1688 very effectively. But on the event that you can’t have one, yes, sure, you can use your phone or alternatively go to a cyber café to use their computers just for product research.

Q. What are Hot Products?

A. Hot products are those potential products that are not easy to find in local stores but has a higher demand. A single hot product can turn your entire struggle into life changing opportunity.

Q. I don't understand Chines, How can I shop from China?

A. This is one of the reason you have me as your coach right? I will supply you with contacts of my trusted shopping and shipping agents for all your procurement needs

Q. I'm completely new to using internet, can I still buy this course?

A. This course is completely newbie friendly. We started from the very least to advanced part so anyone with or without previous knowledge can learn from here and start running their business.

Q. Do I need a website to do the business?

A. Need is different from required. A website is not required but you might need it if you’ve got use for it. However, we listed about 6 genuine platforms you can sell your products faster including how to use the platforms. If you should consider a website, don’t worry, there’s a training inside this course to guide you.

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees
Special Early Bird DISCOUNT


Refund Policy: 30 days money back guarantee plus a call for apology for wasting your time if the training did not yield results for you.

If after 30 Days of buying the program and following all the instructions shown in the training, You Don’t Get Results as described herein, Just let me know, Simply show me a proof that all the instructions are followed through for at least 30 days and still you couldn’t earn a dime and I will refund your money 100% and ask you to keep the course to yourself.

I will also call to apologize for wasting your precious time. So you see, you have nothing to lose. All you need is to show me a proof that the instructions in the training were actually followed and implemented without results.


Income Disclaimer: Any income claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this page depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.


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